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“Bhandari | Hospital Management System with Website Content Management System”

Created: 01/06/2018
By: Bhim Bhandari
Email: mail@bhimbhandari.com.np

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Table of Contents

  1. Installation Guide
  2. Directory Structure
  3. Sources and Credits
  4. PHP Code Explanation and Feature Overview
  5. Demo Url & Login

A) Installation Guide - top

  1. Create the database you want to use for the system by phpmyadmin
  2. Import the file db/hospital.sql to your database
  3. Place all the file in the home directory in which you want the system
  4. Update the config/database.php with your database connection settings
  5. Login with the url of the directory/admin eg: http://localhost/admin/
  6. Use user and password superadmin & superadmin to login
  7. Goto System/System Settings and Organisational Information
  8. Update the system setting by clicking the pen icon
  9. Delete the db folder

B) Directory Structure - top

Directory structure of the code is as below:.

C) Sources and Credits - top

I've used the following images, icons or other files as listed.

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Bhim Bhandari

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D) PHP Code Explanation and Feature Overview - top

  1. Hospital
    1. Patient Management
    2. Masters
      1. Department
      2. Appointment Type
      3. Patient Group
      4. Patient Age Group
      5. Patient Type
      6. Relationship Management
    3. Labrotary
      1. Lab Test Management
      2. Lab Test Category
      3. Lab Report Generation
    4. Hospital User Management
      1. Doctor
      2. Schedule
      3. Other User
      4. User Type
    5. Rooms and Bed Management
      1. Rooms Management
      2. Bed Management
      3. Bed Type Management
    6. OPD Patient
      1. Documents
      2. Patient Case Study
      3. Appointment
      4. Patient Case Manager
  2. System Management
    1. Module/Feature Manager
    2. System Settings and Organisational Information
  3. Admin Panel Miscellaneous
    1. Content Management System
      1. Slider
      2. Gallery
      3. Blog Post
    2. Service Management
      1. Service
      2. Category
    3. Email Subscription
    4. Review Management
    5. Contact Message
  4. Human Resource Management
    1. User Management
    2. User Group Management (Any number of rights can be given to the user Create, Read, Update or delete for any module)
  5. Messages
    1. Message Sent
    2. Message Received
  6. Accounts
    1. Ledger Master
    2. Receipt and Payment

E) Demo Url and Login Details - top

Front End: http://hms.bhimbhandari.com.np/admin/
Back End: http://hms.bhimbhandari.com.np/admin/
Username: admin
Password: admin